Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Houston Fire Suppression Systems

Houston Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are designed to extinguish fires for areas of high fire risk, or where highly flammable materials are present. They are used in locations where water discharge from fire sprinklers may cause fire to spread, materials or gases present that are highly flammable and require a more sophisticated fire protection system.
Fire suppression systems use dry chemicals or gases to extinguish fires; they are often referred to as clean agent fire suppression systems as they use clean agents or gases to extinguish fires.

Houston Fire Suppression Estimates

Estimates should be obtained before any installation, service, maintenance, repairs, tests or inspections are performed. Have any work completed by fire protection companies that carry active licenses in Houston in order to comply with fire codes.
Estimates help you determine which fire suppression company you wish to do business with, it allows you to meet with a few fire protection companies to get to know how they service you the client, it can also build your confidence knowing you will be working with a fire protection company interested in helping you comply with fire codes and avoid violations.

Fire Suppression Systems Include:

  • Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems
  • Marine Fire Suppression Systems
  • Naval & Aircraft Carrier Fire Suppression Systems
  • Restaurant & Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
    • Designed to extinguish where fires start and spread quickly
    • Designed to extinguish highly flammable areas such as grease fires
  • Auto Body Paint Spray Booth Fire Suppression
  • Industrial Fire Suppression Systems
    • Designed to extinguish high temperature and highly flammable items such as molten metals
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