Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Houston Dry Standpipe Fire Sprinklers

Houston Dry Standpipe Fire Sprinklers

The dry standpipe is a network of installed pipes into your building or facility, there is an absence of any liquid in the dry standpipe fire protection system until the authorities or fire department connects a water supply to the dry standpipe for use of the dry standpipe system.
Standpipe fire sprinkler systems are installed into buildings or structures that have more than one story, most often recognized in high rises and skyscrapers. Each floor will have access points from the standpipe fire sprinkler system for fire fighters to connect fire hoses to access the water main to help extinguish fire.
Always work with active State licensed fire sprinkler companies or fire sprinkler contractors in Houston when performing installations, service or repair of stand pipe fire sprinkler systems.
Houston Dry Standpipe Fire Sprinklers
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