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Houston Combined Standpipe Fire Sprinklers

Houston Combined Standpipe Fire Sprinklers

A combination system of both dry standpipe fire sprinkler systems and wet standpipe fire sprinkler systems, it is not unusual to have both systems installed in a high rise or multi floor building as the flammable materials present may require both forms of fire protection. When combined you may have a dry standpipe fire sprinkler system combined with either wet standpipe fire sprinklers, or automatic fire sprinkler system. See standpipe fire protection systems or see NFPA 14 for more information.

Houston Standpipe Fire Sprinkler Installation

Standpipe fire sprinklers systems are used in buildings that have more than one story, such as two, three, four-story buildings and any high-rise building or skyscraper. Standpipe sprinklers when installed will generally have an access point on each floor for the fire department to connect fire hoses through fire hose control valves.
Every high rise or skyscraper should enlist the use of standpipe fire sprinklers or comparable fire protection or suppression system for each and every floor of the building.

Houston Fire Sprinkler Service & Repair

All fire sprinkler systems require routine maintenance, service & repair. Fire sprinkler manufacturers will have a list of all tests and inspections that can be performed by you the owner. Federal, State, City, OSHA, NFPA, Insurance Companies or any other applicable agency may have additional requirements for service, repair or maintenance that must be performed by a State licensed fire sprinkler company in Houston.
Fire sprinkler heads, control valves, fire pumps, basically any part of the fire sprinkler system can become faulty and need repair or service. Fire sprinklers can build with minerals from water deposits, gaskets get old, water pressure drops, hydrostatic tests, fire sprinkler heads leak, fire sprinkler pipes burst there are many issues that can cause repair of your installed fire sprinkler system. Contact a fire sprinkler company in Houston to handle any repairs or services required for your fire sprinkler system.
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